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How To Claim For HST Rebate For Your Home?

Eligibility Criteria For Applying For HST Rebate

If you are a proud owner of a newly built or bought house, you might claim the HST Rebate Ontario. HST rebate is a tax-free payment that low or modest income families can avail themselves of in Ontario administered by CRA (Canada Revenue Agency). If you are a new house owner, you can review all the HST requirements to claim a rebate here.

Here is the list of eligibility requirements.

  1. You must be a resident of Canada.
  2. You must be of a minimum of 19 years of age.
  3. You must have a common-law partner or a spouse.
  4. You must be a parent and live with your child.

Once the eligibility requirements are met, the rebate will be available to the house owners via CRA (Canada Revenue Agency). If you plan to avail of this rebate, you should prove that a new house was bought from a builder or built the new home. It must be proved that the new home is now occupied as the primary residence by the applicant.

How To Apply For Ontario HST Rebate?

When you plan to apply for the HST rebate in Ontario, you must submit a formal application and all the supporting documents mentioned by the Canada Revenue Agency. You can prepare the paper works yourself; however, many applicants find it easier to take the help of a tax rebate specialist. The supporting documents as required by the CRA must prove all the expenses relating to buying the house. The CRA will also require the occupancy proof that shows that the property/home is the applicant’s primary residence, and the applications should be submitted within two years of closing.

Calculation Of HST Rebate

For determining the HST rebate, the Canada Revenue Agency has set certain calculation requirements. For houses that fall between a certain price, the rebate could be much more. If you feel the rebate process is difficult, it is better to get the help of a rebate specialist. Many specialists can adopt a streamlined approach while submitting rebate applications.

Why Work With A Rebate Specialist?

When you plan to file for an HST rebate, you will have to submit numerous documents such as invoices, contracts, etc. In certain cases, the CRA asks for occupancy proof to check the primary residence. You must keep the supporting documents for six years. Things can get complicated while working with the Canada Revenue Agency, as they might ask for more documents. If you find the process frustrating, it will be good to work with the tax rebate specialists to ensure the completion and timely submission of all the documents.

For first-time house owners in Canada, it might be easy to understand the process of HST rebate claiming and the Canada Revenue Agency processes. With the help of a tax rebate specialist, you will collect the supporting documents, prepare the additional documents, and submit them on time.

How to deal with post cycle collision legalities in Canada?

Come summer, more and more incidents of cycle collisions are making news. Thanks to the COVID impacts, cycling has become the most revered transport vehicle in the country nowadays. With scores of cycles in the lane, collisions are not far behind, and these accidents can be equally devastating and traumatic as other accidents. Therefore, personal injury lawyer Brantford advises the cyclists to follow extreme caution during a bike ride and record the event in case they get involved in a collision. Review the case of a plaintiff who was awarded a non-pecuniary worth of $2 million for the severe PTSD he had been suffering since a motor accident.

Cycle collisions are accidents that even experienced cyclists could not avoid. However, practicing a little caution during the ride can help prevent most accidents. The article details a few precautionary measures that all cyclists must follow. Also, read about the essentials to be recorded when someone meets with a cycle collision.

Tips to save yourselves from a bad cycle collision

Follow these essential tips to ensure a safe cycle ride.

  • Always wear a helmet: According to the Highway Traffic Act, 104 citizens below 17 years of age must wear a helmet during a cycle ride. However, experts suggest cyclists of all ages must follow the helmet rule to avoid head injuries during collisions.
  • Wear appropriate clothing: Loose clothing tends to entangle in the wheels while on the move. Hence, cyclists are advised to follow appropriate clothing protocols.
  • Check weather conditions: Slippery roads invite unnecessary accidents. Hence, avoid cycling while it rains. Also, make sure that you wear fluorescent clothing to make yourself visible to fellow cyclists and other motorists.
  • Carry your phone around: The phone has become an essential part of your identity. Ensure that you have your phone around to make an emergency 911 call or take pictures when in a collision.

However, despite taking all the necessary precautions, luck can play spoilsport at times. Therefore, if you happen to get involved in a cycle collision, make sure that you do the following things immediately.

Eight essential things to do when involved in a cycle collision

Call 911 immediately

If you or someone else is injured, immediately request the police, ambulance, or fire services. Since fire services are quick to respond and have trained professionals to provide medical attention, calling them would be a smarter choice. The police will record your statement.

Record and document the collision scene

Take photographs of your injuries, damages on your cycle, and the collided vehicle. These are crucial pieces of evidence that might work in your favor while processing claims. If possible, note down the scene in a notepad, including the time and location.

Do not forget to note the motorist’s contact.

Note down the motorist’s license plate number, name, and contact number. If possible, try to gather information regarding their license and insurance information. All this information is essential to processing a claim.

Gather witness account

If possible, talk to people who witnessed the accident. Get their contact and statements in a notepad. Then, if they permit, shoot a video recording of their statement.

Medical claims

If you are hospitalized for injuries, ensure that all the medical receipts and reports are secured safely. Medical reports are essential to processing claims.

Contact a lawyer

Contact your lawyer before contacting your insurance company. A good lawyer makes sure that you are rightly compensated. They also ensure that your income and future cost of care are calculated in the process.

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